The safety of our members is highly important to us. Our main message when you are considering an audition is to always be vigilant. If a casting or audition or job offer placed anywhere on the internet seems potentially suspicious or too good to be true then it probably is.

In this section of the website we will give you guidance on checking and reporting castings, auditions and competitions. We give direction on keeping your information private, and identifying scams. Also if you or a parent have any questions, please contact us. We are more than happy to offer any extra advice required.

For more general information about keeping safe on the internet please check out:

A specific page about the safety and privacy of under-18 members has been set up for the perusal of parents. Feel free to check our Under-18 Members page.

Casting/Audition/Shoot Safety Tips

Before attending an audition or casting please follow these simple steps to ensure your safety.

  •  Research the location of the casting/shoot. If it is located in a hotel or bar, nightclub or at someone’s apartment, that should raise some suspicion.
  • Ask the relevant party what exactly is required of you before attending an audition. For example you could ask for a mood board to show the style of shoot that you will be attending.
  •  Research the company or person that you are auditioning or shooting for by doing a simple Google search.
  •  If you are offered a TFP shoot with a photographer research some of their previous work. Find out if the photographer has any testimonials on their site. Are the photographs of a professional nature? If you find a testimonial try and contact previous models they may have worked with to gain a recommendation.
  •  Feel free to ask the photographer directly for any references or recommendations.
  •  We recommend you bring a chaperone (a friend, parent, colleague or agent) with you to the audition/casting/TFP shoot especially if you are new to the industry.
  •  Always inform as a friend or relative of the location and time of your casting/shoot. Once you have arrived feel free to call a friend or relative to inform them that you have arrived at the location and everything is ok.
  • During a casting or shoot never be afraid to say ‘no’ to anything that you aren’t comfortable doing. Unless organised in advance ‘artistic nude’ shoots if only suggested on the day should be greeted with a firm NO!
  • A photographer should always provide a private place for you to get changed. Again this can be checked in advance.
  • When you are offered a contract of any description please make sure that you and your chaperone carefully check them before signing.
  • Model Castings expect all casting professionals to comply with local legal requirements when it comes to liability insurance in order to protect our members, the general public, and any property. Model Castings recommend that our members check what kinds of insurance the casting professional provides, plus any other expenses, before you begin an assignment.

If you would like any further information regarding our safety advice or you have a query or suspicion about a job on Model Castings please feel free to contact us