Vital tips for attending a casting ladies!

Okay ladies so the basic rule when going to casting calls, keep it to the MINIMUM!
You want your casting director to remember your beauty and talent, not an outrageous outfit that you are wearing to stand out.

Please follow these basic rules:

MAKE UP – Keep this very light – no pinks, purples, or greens etc on the eyes and no red or hot pink lipstick. Keep your makeup natural as possible, this means a basic face: concealer, foundation (if you need more coverage than concealer), mascara, and a skin tone lipstick or gloss.

Casting 1

NAILS – Neutral nails are a MUST! Nails should be simple and classy not covered with glitter and they should not be extremely long either. The same applies to your toes. Go for a french manicure, or american manicure or any light pinks or browns. Think flesh tones.

CLOTHES – Your clothing should be form fitting, not extremely tight. When choosing colours think neutral. Please do not over accessorise. Casting directors, designers, Make-up artists need to see you as you are. You need to be seen as a blank slate so that your creatives can envision what they are able to do with your look.HAIR – Should be pulled back and out of the face. Go for a bun or a simple ponytail. If your hair is short, style it in a cute style but make sure you don’t have any bangs covering your face.

casting 2

SHOES – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not show up in trainers or flats! Its OK to wear them around town on your way to the casting but once you arrive at the casting location you need to change into your heels before you walk in. Often times once you get to the location where they are holding the casting its right there as you enter or step off the elevator, no time to make a second first impression, you will be judged as unprofessional if you walk in there without heels on. Consider high heels as a part of your work uniform as a model. When you are in model model mode, you cannot be seen without them. end of story!


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