Building you Portfolio using (TFP) “Time for Print” jobs

At ‘Model Castings’ we have recently added a new section for ‘TFP’or ‘time for print’ castings. Now if you are one of our more experienced models then you will already understand the importance of TFP. For all of you new models here is some important advice to help you use the model casting service properly and move forward with your modelling career.

Every week we will provide you with further tips to help improve your chances of being successful when applying for a casting.


The most important thing to remember is that modelling is a skill to be improved on. Having a great portfolio is a must when taking your first steps into a modelling career but working on your skills and having a lot of determination will push you further in your career. In the beginning, it is important to do as many jobs as possible whether they are paid or not paid. No matter how big or small the job is, you need as much experience as possible. Working on unpaid jobs and tests is crucial as it gives you the opportunity to network with other aspiring professionals and to gain exposure. You are new to the industry you may have to work for free while you build up your working portfolio and gain valuable experience. You can do this through doing TFP (time for print/photos).  These TFP jobs are the perfect way to gain invaluable experience with a variety of different photographers, creatives and designers. Every successful model starts their career by using TFP shoots and so should you.

M casting image


The aim for every freelance model is to find constant modelling work. To do this you need to do TFP and network to build up your contacts, experience and portfolio.  Whilst you are new to the industry it might be necessary to take up part-time work such as ‘Extra work’ or ‘Promotional work’ but always make yourself available for castings, photo shoots and be flexible with your time. Many people beginning a career in the fashion industry are often still living with a supportive family or partner while they find their feet on the fashion career ladder!   When you start getting a reputation for being a good, reliable and professional model and you have built up a strong portfolio using TFP jobs you can start getting paid for your working time and applying for paid jobs. Remember casting agents in most cases will only offer a casting to a model who has the look they require but also has a strong portfolio/online portfolio and good modelling experience.

Even when you are working for an agency or have become a reputable model you will still sometimes be expected to work for free. For example: if you are offered the chance to work with an incredible photographer who’s work you admire then it is sometimes a good idea to forget the cash!

So please take this advice and use the new ‘TFP’ section to help to build your portfolio and get started on your path to modelling success with the help of ‘Model castings’.

Next week we will give you some great advice on how to prepare for a casting.

Good luck!



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